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art refs for keke creepy and rainbowmangle
and hewwoitskeke1234
i need to know what your versions of Springtrap are, like...if they wear clothes, if there super fluffy or not, and stuff like that. why? im drawing a picture to compare our versions of springtrap, to see how they look different and everything, also. the poses they will be in will be basically what personality they have. 
:icondawnclawz:Dawnclawz 1 5




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Jingle Jangle little Miss and Mister Mangles :3 This is CLOUDY ... EHHEM This is TheRainbowMangle... WELCOME TO MY dA PAGE!! I guess I can't leave the FNAF fandom IT'S TO LATE TO SAVE ME HAHAHAHAAAA :T Anyways! If You play AnimalJam, Hey there AnimalJammies!! Liek UnderTale? Welcome you little SannsyFlowers :3 Pokemon? CATCH 'EM ALL TRAINERS! FNAF? Welcome Fnafies Hehehe It's Me! Steven Universe? WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS!!
(GoldenFreddy dork by :iconcuttlewltch:
.................... I feel better how r u?

Chica Requests Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon

FNAF stamp by pastel--colors :thumb371550964: Umbreon! Use Shadow Ball! by Marlenesstamps Darkrai by Marlenesstamps Spinda Stamp by quazo Absol Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Muk - stamp by Seraphoid

Sans: what? don't have any gold? thats fine. i don't have any snow.

Sans: Your Gonna Have A Bad Time

Sans: My bone-chilling puns hafta strike your funny bone, I find them pretty humorous... Oh, I've run bone dry out of puns

Spottedleaf: Oh I loved him, Maybe more than a medicine cat should of.

Spottedleaf: At first he was just another apprentice to me—different in that he had been born a kittypet, but as curious, bold, and occasionally mouse-brained as the rest of them.

Spottedleaf: When ShadowClan invaded the ravine and sent me to StarClan much, much too soon, I lay in my den for a moon, wishing Firepaw could join me. I should not have died then!

(BEST OF THEM ALL)! Spottedleaf: After one of those moonless nights, Sandstorm was his mate, and I knew that the invisible river between us had grown too wide to leap across. Did you know that he came looking for me in a dream, sought me out to explain that he had to move on and that he couldn’t be in love with a memory anymore? I am not a memory! I wanted to wail, like a kit abandoned by its mother. I am here, I still love you. I will walk beside you forever. But what is that compared with the warmth that Sandstorm can offer him, the solid presence of a mate to help him lead the Clan, to give him beautiful children and watch their kin grow up together? I will still be young when Firestar grows old, but Sandstorm will match him step for step, reflecting his graying fur and slowing paws like a pool of clear water. Does Firestar love Sandstorm? Oh yes, I have no doubt about that.

Spottedleaf: Fire alone will save our Clan

Please there is NO need for thanking me for faves or llamas... :3 Just fave slash llama for the love! :3

On AJ: kp59

I am a great artist that is going to become a YouTuber soon! I am also big on video gaming. Undertale is amazing. I love UT. And FNAF. And Splatoon. And MineCraft. And StevenUniverse. And Pokemon. TO MANY FANDOMS. SEND HELP!!

My Animal Jam name: kp59 Aj link:

UT Family!:

Papyrus: ME!

Undyne: :iconpencilsketch5678:

Frisk: :iconxenoblast1:

Sans: :icondragongrillboi:

Asriel: :iconmelimelolord666:

Mettaton: :iconartis4everlife:

Quiz stuff XD

24 Hours With Jeff The Killer:

At the end, as light finally poured through the window, you hear voices calling your name. You look up at the infamous killer, Jeff leaned against the wall looking at your way. You smiled nervously, "They will catch you now. What will you do now?" you ask, panic evident in your voice. Jeff chuckled in a deranged manner, making you roll your eyes at him. "What's so funny?" you ask pouting crossing your hands on your chest. Jeff chuckled again, standing up stretching himself yawning. "You are funny" He said looking at you making you blush. You looked away from him huffing. "Well, they are coming to rescue me and-" You are cut off by a loud noise as you looked to the window from which Jeff yanked off the planks. "What the-" You said shocked as Jeff climbed out. Jeff hold onto the window as he looked at you, "I like you. So, until next time Y/N" He said as he lets go off the window. You ran towards the window shocked to see him disappearing into the forest across the house you were trapped. Your shocked expression turned to a soft smile when his words played in your head. Rescue personnel broke into your room, bringing you out of there. Time went away like a blur as you went through different stages, meeting your worried friends and family, interrogation, and other things. At last, you were on your bed, laying on your stomach, thinking about Jeff. You heard a click and you looked up to see Jeff, climbing down through your window into your room. You were at first shocked but then chuckled seeing him as he plopped down on your bed. He looked at you questioningly, raising an eyebrow when he saw you chuckling. You shook your head dismissing him as you laid back on your bed again. "So you like me?" you asked smiling at him. "Ya I do." He said returning you the smile, "You make a great friend Y/N. We have a lot in common." He said grinning. You chuckled seeing his expression. You knocked him slightly, but to your surprise he was fast asleep. It was hard to tell, with his eyes all open, but you could see the eyes lightless, 'He fall asleep that fast!' You wondered and sighed, 'Well, friendship with a killer? It's going to go a long way' You smiled as you closed your eyes, drifting off to sleep. (HE ENDED UP LIKING ME OMG)

Sixth Sence: Clairvoyant (Attracted to art, bright colors or light) X3 sounds like me

What is your weapon: A SWORD. I think a knife or bat would work better, but okay!

What Anime Should You Be In?: Ready to go back to the Pokémon that made every child smile (or was it just me...) Welcome to Indigo League!
A young boy named Ash embarks on a journey to become a "Pokemon Master" with his first Pokemon, Pikachu. Joining him on his travels are Brock, a girl-obsessed Rock Pokemon Trainer, and Misty, a tomboyish Water Pokemon Trainer who may have a crush on him. Ash and Co. end up traveling through various regions, including Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, and then enter the Pokemon League competitions there. Along the way, they run into many confrontations with Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyarth, a trio of Pokemon thieves who are apart of an evil organization called "Team Rocket". But everytime Team Rocket try to do their evil deeds, they fail thanks to Ash and his pokemon. I WOULD BE IN POKEMON OUT OF TRUE ANSWERS YAY!!!

What FNAF(1) Animatronic Are You?: You are the little chick known as Chica and though people don't tend to pay much attention to you, that never bothered you in the slightest. You often like to keep an eye on your closest friend and wait to see what they're up to before you react. Personality wise, you are probably a generally blissful, but somewhat misunderstood person. People can read you like a book, as the actions you take a nastily predictable. You like the consistancy, though, so you continue to act the way you do. You may be the only female in a group or males, or perhaps the other way around if you're a male taking this quiz. You simply seem to get along better with the opposite gender, but usually not in a romantic fashion, just as friends. You most likely have an affinity for food, eating whatever you can get your hands on. You don't sneak up on people. You make your presence completely known, but that's fine because sometimes that can be just as frightening to people. You are highly persistant and don't give up easily. Chica! Okay that works! Foxy would be better but okay!

Aura Color: Blue! Wow thats cool!

  • Listening to: The screams of children
  • Reading: The recited last words of the world
  • Watching: You bleed to death
  • Playing: On ur ded body O,o
  • Eating: My own flesh
  • Drinking: Your soul
I'm killing myself. And I'm never checking dA again so you guys can't f*cking stop me


Cloudy and Rainbow: kAJI WE'RE THIRSTY

Kaji: I bet you are you've been playing in Ollie's (me) mind for the past four hours

Rainbow and Cloudy: we know ....



Rainbow and Cloudy: cIRCLETINEEEEEE

....... sorry



Heeeeyyy.... I'm back and alive.... god i'm sorry.... rps are still totally open and i'll do rps with smut if you want i'm okay with that
  • Listening to: The screams of children
  • Reading: The recited last words of the world
  • Watching: You bleed to death
  • Playing: On ur ded body O,o
  • Eating: My own flesh
  • Drinking: Your soul
I'm killing myself. And I'm never checking dA again so you guys can't f*cking stop me

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This is for any adoptables you may want that I give a price for! This includes FNANFIES, Cloudlings, and others!! All priced adoptables are 10 points
Undertale (1+ characters) (Or no character)
With or without extra text

OCs (Full Body)
Shaded or not, with or without background

(May take a while because school)
OC (Half Body or somewhat near there)
can be shaded or not

(May take a while I have school)


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I really wanna give points to others and to give things that cost points X3 I wanna be a nice person so you guys can also be nice by giving points!

Wait that sounded like I was demanding points. No need for that I totally understand if you don't wanna donate though too!

I'll draw something at every 10 donations too X3

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